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The Pageant Program


What to Expect.

Our program is dedicated to supporting young women in education, leadership, and community service. Candidates that go through our pageant program will gain valuable life-skills. Through our workshops, community service, and networking nights, you will be able to practice self-presentation, public speaking, self-confidence, interviewing skills, and more. Workshops are led by prominent local community leaders and politicians. Our networking nights is with the Chamber of Commerce - an event where you can meet local business members and owners. 


It is our local Kitsap community members and leaders that help make our program possible. We run from the end of October to early January. It is not necessary to purchase new wardrobe in order to participate! We offer a pageant closet filled with all the necessary apparels as a valuable resource for you. 


Big Sister - Little Sister Mentorship Program

Our Little Sister Mentorship Program is a fantastic opportunity to get 3rd grade girls involved! We pair the girls with candidates that act as their Big Sister throughout the program. We encourage Big Sisters to mentor their Little Sister and to become a special role-model to them. Big Sister-Little Sister matches are revealed at our mother-daughter Tea Party event at Olympic College.

The Competition Phase.

Private Interview (40%)

Overall first impression; personal appearance, personality, intelligence; validated opinions; speech, vocabulary, and grammar;

truly wants to do the job of a local titleholder for her complete year of service

Personal Expression (10%)

Overall first impression; statement of self expression; sense of confidence;
technique, including walk, posture, grace; sense of confidence and stage presence

On-stage Interview (10%)

Overall first impression; response to on-stage question; the contestant is judged on sense of confidence, personality and stage presence;
richness of voice, expression, vocabulary, and sincerity

Talent Performance (20%)

Personality; interpretive ability,; technical skill level, execution technique; stage presence; totality of all elements -
including costume, props, voice, use of body, and choreography

Evening Wear (15%)

Overall first impression; sense of confidence; personality and stage presence; technique,
including walk, posture, grace; appropriateness of attire; sense of attractiveness

Academic Review (5%)

Contestants are judged on their academic achievements & transcript review of course difficulty & performance

The Journey as Titleholders.

The three special young ladies that earn the crown as Miss Poulsbo, Miss Kitsap, and Miss Silverdale will embark in a once in a life time opportunity. As soon as their crowned, titleholders undergo a year of service. The trio will make several public appearances in the Kitsap community. Appearances include community services, events with the Poulsbo, Silverdale, and Bremerton Chamber of Commerce, princess parties, and fundraising for local non-profit groups.

This is a fantastic chance for titleholders to raise awareness towards their platform and gain valuable relationships with key community leaders, business owners, and the people of Kitsap County. Our organization makes a great impact on our community by supporting other non-profit organizations. It is all about women empowerment, education, leadership, and community.

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