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Our History

What Started as the Miss Poulsbo Pageant.

The Miss Poulsbo™ Miss Kitsap™ Miss Silverdale™ Scholarship Organizations
came to be in 2010. What first started out as the Miss Poulsbo Pageant, the
organization had a rich heritage dating back to the spring of 1954, When the
Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce was formed, one of their first projects was to
select a young woman to represent Poulsbo at parades and other community
events. Laura Lee Smith was appointed to be the first Miss Poulsbo in Fall of 1954.
A traditional Norwegian Hardanger bunad was imported from Norway for Miss
Poulsbo to wear and she has worn one ever since.


A number of different groups have run the pageant over the years. In 1978,
Miss Poulsbo was joined by a three person court of a First and Second Princess
and Miss Spirit (Miss Congeniality) to make appearances. The courts continued
until 1999. In 2000, the Miss Poulsbo Scholarship Pageant joined the Miss America
Organization and continued to send young women to compete at Miss
Washington until 2009.

Miss Poulsbo 1959, Christi Simonsen assists downtown merchants painting Ruby's Flowers

The Adding of the Miss Kitsap Pageant.

In 1959, the Miss Kitsap Pageant was created to send young women to compete at the Miss Washington Pageant as part of the Miss America Organization. Different groups supported the pageant until it was dismantled in 1988. After a fifteen year hiatus, the Miss Poulsbo Pageant added the Miss Kitsap title to the pageant. In 2006, Miss Kitsap, Kristen Eddings, was named Miss Washington and placed in the Top Ten at Miss America.

Kristen Eddings at Miss America 2006

Miss Silverdale - The Newest Addition to the Family.

In 2010, the Miss Poulsbo Miss Kitsap Scholarship Pageant added a third title, Miss Silverdale. The first Miss Silverdale titleholder was Amanda Maynard. Our trio of titleholders rededicated their year of service to working with local non-profit organizations. “Keeping it Local and Giving Back” became our new slogan. Our 2010 titleholders became the first group to do 200 combined appearances during their year.  In 2012, we started the SMART Girls program at the Naval Avenue Boys and Girls Club. Our titleholders and contestants put on holiday parties for the whole club and mentor young girls through a series of fun activities.

The 2010 Titleholders:
Amanda Maynard, Erika Scott, Rachelle Jensen

The Little Sister Mentorship Program.

The Little Sister Program is a very special part of the Miss Poulsbo Miss Kitsap Miss Silverdale Scholarship Organization. We have had 281 Little Sisters over the past seventeen years. In 2010, Erika Scott was crowned Miss Poulsbo, Erika was part of our very first class of Little Sisters in 2000 and in 2013, Makenzie Moody was our second former Little Sister to be crowned Miss Poulsbo in 2013.

The 2017 Little Sisters - Girl Power! Pageant Theme

2014 Let Me Be Your Star Pageant -
Mackenzie Moody (Miss Poulsbo 2013)
and her Little Sister

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