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100'S CLUB

"It only takes 100 to invest $100 and to make $10,000 available
will support a young women's dream for a college education."


The 100's Club is more than a club, it is a movement to help accelerate young women in achieving their college goals. This is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to be a part of something meaningful. Joining the 100's Club means that you are committed in making a positive impact in a young women's life.


We strive to equip young women with the skills they need to thrive in the real world, while supporting their college goals and giving back the local Kitsap community. We do this through personal development workshops, scholarship dollars, and countless hours of community service.



  • Recognition on the 100's Club Member List by website, social media, and program book

  • Personal updates on the 2019 Titleholder's Year of Service 

Are you ready to join the 100's Club?

Contact us below.

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