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Little Sister Mentorship Program


About the Little Sister Mentorship Program.

The Little Sister Program is a very special part of the Miss Poulsbo Miss Kitsap Miss Silverdale Scholarship Organization. We have had 281 Little Sisters over the past seventeen years. In 2010, Erika Scott was crowned Miss Poulsbo, Erika was part of our very first class of Little Sisters in 2000 and in 2013, Makenzie Moody was our second former Little Sister to be crowned Miss Poulsbo.

It is our goal through our Little Sister-Big Sister Mentorship program that both ladies build confidence and support for one another.  Little Sisters will discover a positive role-models through their Big Sisters and a special bond outside the pageant.


How the Program Works.

We are entering our eighteenth year where we pair 3rd grade girls with our Miss Poulsbo, Miss Kitsap and Miss Silverdale Candidates. We take the information filled out by our little sister girls and the candidates, then match them accordingly to personality. Each match and relationship is different: some of the pairs are still in contact and do activities together, while others end once pageant is over. Each relationship is based on how each pair makes it to be. Regardless of the length of the relationship, this is a once in a lifetime experience exclusively for 3rd graders.

Little sisters will do activities with their big sisters during rehearsals and can participate in our various activities and fundraisers. Each year we host a cupcake decorating competition with Bella Bella Cupcakes in Silverdale. Each Kitsap, Silverdale, and Poulsbo division compete with one another to take away the Cupcake Trophy. This is an exciting & delicious event for little sisters and big sisters to work together on decorating the best cupcake.

Little sisters of the winning titleholders will carry on special appearances with their Big Sister through the year.

The Unveiling of Little Sister-Big Sister Matches.

We have a very special Tea Party where we reveal the Little Sister matches. The Little Sisters will perform a production number at this year’s pageant. They will come on stage with their Big Sister and be “crowned” by her. All of the Little Sisters will march in the Viking Fest Parade together.

How to Participate in as a Little Sister.

Recruitment for Little Sisters begin around late September to mid-October. Parents may enroll their daughter in the program by contacting us. More information about requirements please click here. Applications will be posted on our website when we begin recruitment.

Benefits in being in the Little Sister Mentorship Program.

  • Build and instill self-confidence in little girls

  • Gain a positive role-model

  • Share new experiences and memories with a Big Sister

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